Could Quick Insurance Quotes be Deceiving?

If you saved $350 per year on auto insurance and then your provider declined $1000 in claims, did you save money or lose money? Compare insurance providers by REPUTATION!!!

ProviderQuoteJ.D. PowerFinancial StrengthBBB ComplaintsPissed ConsumerConsumer AffairsEpinions Complaints
FarmersAuto/Home/Life3/5 StarsA610149641
State FarmAuto/Home/Health/LTC/Life4/5 StarsA++125416850693
NationwideAuto/Home/Life4/5 StarsA+3605212620
AllstateAuto/Home/Life3/5 StarsA+16167833179
Liberty MutualAuto/Home/Life4/5 StarsA727709224
21st Century InsuranceAuto3/5 StarsA32545625
GEICOAuto3/5 StarsA++1327165453124
TravelersAuto/Home2/5 StarsA+35515479
Auto insurance can protect you in case of an accident, whether the accident is your fault or not. Depending on your type and cost of coverage, auto insurance will cover the cost to repair your car, truck or other motor vehicle after a collision, your health care costs resulting from it, as well as any other party’s material damages and bodily injury related costs.

The cost of auto insurance has a very wide range, from as low as $30/month to as high as over $600 per month! It will change by a large percentage due to things like your location, the cost of your car and most importantly your personal driving history. A bad neighborhood means higher car theft risk, which will increase the cost of your auto insurance. Some brands of cars get stolen a lot more than others. More expensive cars will cost a lot more to be fixed than cheaper ones, if you know what I mean. As for a speeding ticket or two on your record… that’s equivalent to an impending accident. Even filing claims can raise your auto insurance cost.

Everyone would like to get a quick auto insurance quote but the reality is that unless you provide all the information needed, it will be impossible for any auto insurer to give you a quote which will be close to what you’d end up paying. At the least, you’ll be missing out on all the possible auto insurance discounts you could get!